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December 17, 2008


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What happends when a student is removed and placed in another teachers classroom?
My coworker had this student that was so disruptive,aggresive and interfered with her ability to teach and was sent to the office on a daily basis . She had him removed from her class, which is great, but now they placed him in mine!

Pamela  Parker

Unfortunately, that is often the outcome, and the reason a lot of teachers choose not to invoke the removal. The student behavior that triggers the removal right often doesn't trigger removal to a disciplinary alternative setting, so the campus has no choice but to simply move the student to a different class.

However, changing classes is often enough to improve the situation with the student - a different teacher, different disciplinary approach, different class dynamic, all these things can be enough to get the student under control and less disruptive at school.

Catherine Byrd

I am about to give my principal a letter for removal of a student. I am afraid there will be reprecusions for this action. What can I expect? I just attended an ard meeting and the parents are adamant that their child remain in regular education classes. The disruptions are daily and removal of the student becomes very disruptive for the rest of the class. This is my last year of teaching.

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The disruptions are daily and removal of the student becomes very disruptive for the rest of the class. This is my last year of teaching.

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I'm curious if the comment posted by "S" was answered? What would be the outcome if the student is placed into another classroom? Would the form need to be completed again if they became unmanageable once again? Would a different process need to be followed?

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