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February 21, 2009


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I am a female teacher in a small charter school of all boys and have been told to keep my classroom door closed and locked during class periods. I am concerned that this practice is not legal when I have a single student in my classroom at any given period. At the very least I am uncomfortable.


There are certainly some concerns about locking a classroom door while there are people - any people, not just students - inside. There may be fire codes or other public safety codes that prohibit it, as well as your very legitimate concern that being in a locked room alone with a student puts both you and the student in a very vulnerable position. I would suggest you follow up with the school and try to get clarification.

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To offer a different perspective, I'm not sure that economics of transportation will ever drive us to become Locavores. Oil is but a sparse fraction of the cost of transport and distribution.
To me it is all about community and a healthy lifestyle. I would much prefer buying local even at higher cost because of the value to our community. And if we can get local volume over the threshold of economies of scale, then will be self sustaining. Unfortunately, Locavorism today is really on the fringe. In business terms, we need more market share - and then the economics will work too.

Melissa Prepster

If you are laid off or terminated for reduction in force, are you paid for your accumulated local sick leave?

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I did so much traveling in March and April that I began to crave time in New York. How's that for a reversal of sensibility? Yet I wanted so badly to be at home for a while.

Cristopher Marshall

My district has very strict rules about when an absence can be taken and how many days can be taken at a time. I certainly understand the spirit of those rules, but can they legally enforce those rules (i.e. doc my pay if it is not an "approved absence") if I specifically use my state days rather than my local days? In the handbook, they distinguish between discretionary and non-discretionary leave. Non-discretionary leave includes only illness, death, and military service. What if I wanted to travel for 3 days in October because the cost is 60% cheaper than in the summer? Can they doc my pay or enforce disciplinary action?

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