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March 05, 2010


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"And in the interest of clarity, I'll just say that intimate contact between a teacher and student is always inappropriate and usually illegal, no matter what word you use to describe it."

Teacher-Student relationships are a lot like psychologist-patient relationships. People are sometimes easily attracted the person in the position be that because of power, or kindness, understanding and compassion. But it is always the person in authority responsibility to keep that relationship professional, to not let anything inappropriate happen. I think a good rule of thumb for teachers, especially now days, would be to never have a closed door meeting with a student alone. This protects the student and the teacher in the event that the student makes any accusations that may or may not be unfounded.

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If a child tells you and you neglect the law, you are open to so many legal battles, you should open your text book as your cold dark heart failed this one!!!

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Never leave room for the appearance of impropriety.

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